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6 Things Really Productive People Do
Really Productive People

Have you noticed that some people just seem to accomplish tons and still appear happy and relaxed? Here are six tips for becoming more productive.

People often ask me, amazed, how I manage to do so many things. Aside from writing two columns every week, I speak regularly, travel, create videos, manage my business, write books, consult with five companies, network, socialize, cycle, run, read, cook, sleep six to seven hours a night and have dates with my wife. Oh yeah, I watch a lot of television while hanging out with my dog as well.

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Workflow Management
Workflow Management

Workflow management is a very important aspect necessary for the smooth operations of all businesses around the globe. This brief article walks you through the various benefits of efficient workflow management in a corporate setup.

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Business Process Outsourcing: Increased Efficiency

Business process outsourcing (BPO) takes the burden off your office staff and puts them on BPO companies that can handle any amout of work overload, thus providing you with more time to concentrate on your core business activities. Firms offering innovative business process outsourcing services help clients recue their costs, increase office efficiency and streamline workflow to a great level.

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Tech Talk - Workflow Technology
Jim Mayne

Workflow technology first made its appearance known in the business world in the 1980's when computers were all beige and paper was king. It was first incorporated in the insurance industry, where it drastically decreased the documentation involved in claims. Since then, there have been several industries that have incorporated its services. Healthcare has recently joined the other industries by leading the way in incorporating the benefits of workflow technology; creating a more effective work environment; and increasing efficiencies across multiple practices.

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Spotlight Customer: Brainerd Insty Prints
For print and graphic communications, you want to team up with a name you can trust. At Insty-Prints, we combine experience, expertise and advanced technologies to deliver a full range of print, marketing and consultative services.

Deerwood Technologies provides GUARDIAN Network Support® services to Insty-Prints. We’re helping them best utilize their technology to provide the best service to their clients.

Located 2 blocks west of the landmark water tower in Brainerd.

Brainerd Insty Prints 220 Washington Street
Brainerd, MN 56401
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