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Travel Workout: Fitness Tips for Business Travelers

When you're traveling for work, you can stick to your fitness routine. Use these simple travel workout tips to maintain your fitness program.

By Mayo Clinic Staff

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Top 5 Metrics to Measure TCO for Intellectual Asset Management Software

Things are not always what they appear. What may initially seem like an excellent price on Intellectual Asset Management Software, may end up costing you more in the long run.

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Understanding the TCO of Enterprise Mobility

Mobility is a pet project for most enterprises today. They are investing in the idea of making their applications and business processes mobile. Both the customer and employee interfaces to the business and IT functions are undergoing transformation to fit on the brightly lit, smaller size screens of smart devices.

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Tech Talk
Amanda MacDonald

People Matter

The most important component of any business process is people – Employees and Customers! Technology acquisition, depreciation, maintenance, support, education, change management, business disruption, retirement and decommission all have their hard dollar contributions to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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Spotlight Customer
Clearwater Forest
A stunningly beautiful camp and retreat setting on Clearwater Lake in central Minnesota, Clearwater Forest has been changing lives in God's woods and waters since 1954. Most of Clearwater Forest's 1,000 acres of forest and 3.5 miles of lakeshore are pristine and undeveloped. It is home to an astonishing variety of plant and wildlife species. Bald eagles, osprey, loons, owls, hawks, and a great many other birds are all part of the Clearwater Forest ecological community. Bear, deer, fox, porcupine, raccoon, ermine, and other creatures also call Clearwater Forest home.

Clearwater Forest presents 35-50 programs each year including summer youth camps, women's retreats, spiritual renewal events, non-summer youth retreats, confirmation class retreats, family events, and other senior adult programs.

Leaning Tree Lodge, Eagle Lodge, and Osprey House offer year-round lodging for groups or for personal/family spiritual retreating. Loon Point and Grouse Circle campgrounds are open from May through early October. Food service is also available year-round.

Deerwood Technologies has assisted Clearwater Forest with upgrading IT systems and enhancing the security measures of our network. Jason, Wayne and Sean have also helped the staff adjut to dual screens.

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