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Cuyuna Lakes Soupwalk
Saturday, Dec. 10
Come and join our soup walk! Taste all sorts of soups and build your custom made Cook Book. Deerwood Technologies
will be serving Cheddar Cheese Broccoli Soup!

Recycling Drive

Saturday, Dec. 10
at Deerwood Technologies
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iPad Management Cart
iPad Management Cart
This open-architecture cart provides a system for fleet management of tablets by storing, syncing and charging up to 48 devices. The universal design accommodates the iPad, iPod Touch, Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle.
See your Deerwood Technologies sales rep for pricing and more information.

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7 Ways to "Green Up" Your Company's Office

Everyone has become more and more conscious of the need to be more earth friendly both at home and in the office. It really is amazingly simple to start making some minor changes that really don’t require a lot of extra work or effort, yet yield some great results for our precious environment. In order to get started with some eco-friendly changes in your office, it’s simply a matter of educating your employees on how to “green up” and help our planet and offer them a few tools needed to properly implement your new earth friendly changes.

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Mobile technologies changing models for diabetes management
Diabetes Apps for Smartphones

In the past, health care providers have often been puzzled by how best to optimize treatment for diabetes and improve diabetes self-management for patients. Now, with the exploding popularity of smartphones and increased Internet access, some might say: "There's an app for that."

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Looking into a VoIP Broadband Phone?

Better make sure you know just what VoIP is.

You may have heard the term “VoIP” – you might even be considering a VoIP broadband phone system for your office – but do you know exactly what it is? Many still don’t, and if you’re among them, don’t feel bad.

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Tech Talk
Jason Przymus

What is identity and access management?

Identity and access management is designed to reduce the complexity, cost and risks of managing and controlling user and administrator accesses.

In today's complex and diverse IT environments, users are often provided separate identities and roles to access each required application, operating system, database, platform and so on.

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Spotlight Customer: Crow Wing Recycling
Crow Wing Recycling

Crow Wing Recycling deals in the processing of scrap metals of all grades, including old cars/trucks, sheet iron, rebar, #1 Heavy Steel, Copper, Copper Wire, Aluminum Cans, Aluminum, Aluminum Wire, Brass ETC. We now have a Shredder that has been operational since October of 2010. The Shredder will shred an entire vehicle in 30 seconds or less, turning the vehicle into soft ball size chunks. The shred is the shipped to waiting rail cars or barge to be shipped to mills to be melted down and re-used as new steel. CWR was opened in 1996, we also own Pine River Iron & Metal, and coming soon Milaca Iron & Metal should open sometime in January.