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IP Telephony & VoIP

IP Telephony & VoIP are terms that are often used synonymously; the fact is that they are similar yet independent of each other. Combined they create a multifaceted and very powerful business communications tool. The information provided here is designed to make the average user as knowledgeable as the high-tech geeks ou ther who get excited about connecting business phone and Internet service into a helpful, reliable, and effective resource.

VoIP Models

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is simply a protocol that enables voice calls to traverse a data connection. This doesn't mean your voice calls must go over the Internet; in some models this is true, in others it is not. Because the term "VoIP" is loosely used, we've broken it down into the three most commonly offered models by business phone providers.


VoIP Phone Systems

Carrier provided VoIP services are different than VoIP business phone systems. Each system has its benefits, and which one is the best fit for your business depends on your business's needs, goals, and environment. Deerwood Technologies prides itself on helping businesses understand and navigate through the plethora of communications solutions. We tailor solutions to YOUR business, designing custom solutions that support all your business objectives, work within your budget, and allow your business to take full advantage of technology.