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Telecommunications Services

Customer Support / Help Desk

Deerwood Technologies employs a seasoned team of IT engineers and professionals. We endeavor to provide an unparalleled level of service across all areas of the communications industry. Our teams can help you in all aspects of your communications need. It's time to stop increasing your fixed costs by adding personnel and to look toward Deerwood Technologies for complete support with products, services and implementations.

Adds, Moves + Changes Service

Whether your organization needs to make adds, moves or changes for individuals, departments or entire buildings and campuses, YourSix Communication's custom solutions will maximize performance while providing your organization with a planned, unified approach to every project. With a client base throughout the United States and our proprietary remote abilities we can provide services to customers in any location without high overhead.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

One of the core principals in business communications management is ensuring continuous operational flow. Our resources and knowledge base in all facets of enterprise industry equipment ensure exactly that. Reduced interruptions and increased productivity. Our 24/7 NOC Services are Portable, Compatible, Adaptable and Flexible.

Call Center