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Why should your organization consider having a communications audit?

A comprehensive communications audit conducted by Deerwood Technologies can save your organization thousands annually on telecom costs, including on your phone bill and IT bill. By enlisting Deerwood Technologies to perform your company’s communications compliance audit, you benefit from the experience of industry experts providing trustworthy technology consulting and telecom bill analysis. Here are some reasons why a communications audit is a smart financial move:

Billing errors. Fact is, at least 15 percent of all telecommunications carrier charges are billed incorrectly. Through past telecom cost audits, we have found sizeable over-billing problems in the telecom expenses of more than 85 percent of those audited.

Trusted advice. Many organizations rely solely on carrier companies to explain new offerings and tariff changes. As an independent communications consulting firm, we can give you unbiased advice in lowering your telecom expenses.

Accountability. Some companies let their provider perform their own compliance audit. By utilizing an external auditing firm for your communications audit, you can ensure that you’ll receive an honest, impartial analysis of your communications expenses.

Procurement Management: If your business could benefit from new technologies and/or services Deerwood Technologies can provide quotes from multiple vendors for voice, data, or equipment for any location. We can manage the provisioning of new circuits, terminations of old circuits, and assure accuracy in implementation and billing.

Planning and Assessment: Looking towards your future needs, Deerwood Technologies can provide strategic planning for all telecom circuits, services, hardware, and technologies including VoIP.

Expertise. Understanding government tariff regulations, customized contracts, and “padded” services that companies pay for but often don’t use requires specialized telecom knowledge that typical IT and MIS personnel don’t have. Deerwood's auditors are experts in the telecom and IT field.

Not mentioned here? Let us know what your specific needs are and we’ll respond with the best approach possible.

Simply put, Deerwood Technolgies provides communications consulting and cost analysis that you can trust. We strive to find ways your organization can lower its communications and IT costs as well as offers solutions to improve the speed, flexibility, collaboration, and reliability of your communications.

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