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The overall objective of virtualization is to give the user a desktop that is not tied to a physical piece of hardware such that they have consistency in their working environment no matter where they are, and do it in a cost-effective manner.

We can offer solutions that provide coprehensive coverage of the desktop lifecycle, from beginning to end, with a specific focus; to complete virtualization of the user desktop experience.

Goals of desktop virtualization:

Anytime, anywhere, on-demand access - The core idea behind all types of virtualization is to give the user instantaneous access to thier working environment. App streaming gives you instant access to applications (no need to wait 45 minutes for Office to install the first time you sit down at a workstation), while OS virtualization and terminal environments give you access to an entire desktop.
A secure, consistent and functional working enviroment - Creating a desktop with these ccharcteristics means less helpdesk calls, more productive users and, therefore, more productive IT organizations. Virtualization can provide each of these aspects of a user's desktop to varying degrees. App virtualization can create this environment but only within the context of a delivered application (that is, the app itself will be secure, functional and consitent weven when running on a desktop that is not). OS virtualiztion and thin clienct solutions have the ability to create this type of environment, but require the use of logon scrips, group policies and/or desktop configuration solutions to accomplish this goal; pretty muc the same as the desktop of a physical workstation.
Lower TCO - Whatever the solution implemented, it cannot be less cost-effective than a traditional physcial machine.

We have a solution to make the virtual desktop a reality.