Upgrading your phone system can feel daunting. From selecting the system that’s right for you to justifying the capital investment needed to make it happen, it’s enough to make you want to go back to tin cans and string. Finding a reliable and affordable modern phone system shouldn’t be so hard.

Deerwood Technologies offers managed VOIP services with the ShoreTel Sky system, the brilliantly simple phone system that painlessly connects your workplace. Benefits include ability to easily add remote sites and mobile employees to your phone system, ability to manage multiple phones in dozens of locations without a WAN, and real-time metrics to leverage for strategic gain. Best of all there’s no capital overly, operating expenses are your only cost.

If you’re considering upgrading your system, or getting in touch with us, its helpful to know what questions to ask. That’s why we are offering this free eBook “9 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Cloud Phone System”

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