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Tech Talk

Jim-MBy Jim Mayne – Business/Technology Officer, Deerwood Technologies

The most important component of any business process is people – Employees and Customers!  Technology acquisition, depreciation, maintenance, support, education, change management, business disruption, retirement and decommission all have their hard dollar contributions to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

However, the impact of technology on your customers’ ability to engage and do business with you has significant and very real costs – AND benefits.  Likewise, your staff’s productivity and effectiveness can be enhanced or inhibited by technology.  Ideally you deploy, USE and then retire technology – minimizing or eliminating the need to service, maintain, upgrade or repair during its useful and economic life.  Service calls or touching technology often or at all during its useful life is an often unrecognized and large component of TCO.

Technology that is simple and intuitive to use significantly enhances both customer (revenue) and staff time/effectiveness (cost).  Contact your Deerwood Technologies account manager today to learn more about ensuring you realize and leverage technology benefits, in part by minimizing TCO and reducing complexity.