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Tech Talk with Jason Przymus, VP Business Development – Deerwood Technologies

As the nation’s population ages and more people are in need of long-term care, facilities must be prepared to meet this heightened demand while maintaining high standards of care. Deerwood Technologies’ Real-Time Location System (RTLS) puts you in touch with resources the instant you need them. Through the use of location technologies, residents are enabled to request staff assistance throughout the entire facility. Staff, caregivers as well as residents wear a small, lightweight badge that is affixed with a tiny paper thin asset tag. These badges and tags emit a signal containing a unique security code, which identifies their location anywhere in the facility. Another benefit realized is an increased level of resident care with these solutions in place.

Through the resident monitoring features, staff members are alerted when cognitively challenged residents enter a possibly harmful or restricted area, which facilitates the proactive prevention of resident conflicts, residents entering the wrong room, or residents attempting to exit a facility without authorization. Pre-determined rules are completely customizable, allowing staff to be alerted to such instances as: a mobile resident without their walker, residents getting up in the middle of the night, residents entering stairwells, etc. Many facilities in the Midwest are already deploying such technologies including the Minnesota Veterans Home in Minneapolis Minnesota. To learn more about our innovative solutions for Long Term Care facilities contact your Deerwood Technologies sales rep.