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Servers ∙ Exchange ∙ Active Directory


Deerwood Technologies specializes in installing and managing Windows servers including Small Business Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist, our consultants are Microsoft Certified Professionals, and we have passed the requirements to be designated as experts in the "Network Infrastructure Solutions" competency by Microsoft. We have extensive experience with Active Directory, domain migrations/upgrades, and all of the core components of the Windows Server system. Bottom line: we know how to properly design and maintain your Windows Server system for maximum reliability, security, and performance.

Microsoft Exchange/Email Archiving

Microsoft Exchange is the most powerful messaging/collaboration platform available for businesses today. It provides unmatched features for email, contact management, calendaring, mobile access to messages, and much more. Deerwood Technologies has the expertise to help you leverage Microsoft Exchange for your business. Whether you are upgrading Exchange or implementing Exchange for the first time we can help. We know how to set up Exchange for maximum security, reliability, and performance.

Our Archiving toolset captures indexes, searches and archives Exchange messages and attachments. This solution also reduces Exchange storage costs, meets compliance demands and simplifies email quota management.

Compress archived information and reduce the size of the Exchange store by as much as 80%
Store all messages and attachments ONE TIME (single instance storage) that are sent, received and forwarded within an organization
Reduce mailbox size with no impact to the end user by providing seamless access to archived information through Outlook
Provide offline access to archives for remote users
Support mobile devices without installing additional software
Integrate information with external systems including CRM, ERP, etc.
Restrict users from archiving data in unmanaged PST files


Active Directory Management

Centralize the audit trail of all Active Directory changes, apply tighter security policies and prevent over-privileged users
Easily audit changes made to Active Directory with advanced reporting, alerting and event filtering
Active Administrator tools allow you to backup and restore all objects in Active Directory from group policies to passwords and permissions
Manage and report on all group policies and links, and prevent over privileged users

Deerwood Technologies knows how to properly design and maintain your system for maximum reliability, security and performance.



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