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Tech Talk
with Jason Przymus, VP Business Development – Deerwood Technologies

Today, suppliers, partners and consumers connect from device to device and network to network at anytime and from anywhere.

Its more apparent than ever that online commerce, new communications channels and business innovation have transformed the way people work, play, shop, communicate and conduct business in general.

Along with these advances come profound changes in the way organizations protect their business habitat—that interconnected network of employees, customers and partners whose trust, safety and well-being drive business success. Security is no longer just about the protection of IT infrastructure and confidential data, it’s about protecting the entire business—its information, assets, individuals and their interactions.

At Deerwood Technologies we have developed and provide both managed and custom cyber intelligence services and solutions to deter threats and attacks before it impacts a client’s environment.

The challenge has shifted from one of “defending reactively” against attacks from outside the perimeter to one of “proactively knowing” about threats before they cause damage and taking these proactive steps to mitigate them. To this end, companies and their compliance regulations are demanding an intelligence-led approach to security, an approach that is enabled and supported by solutions that identify risks early to speed prevention and mitigation.

When the Department of State, National Health Providers and United States Army Corp of Engineers need to expertly secure critical data they call Deerwood… do you?