Tech Talk with Jason Przymus, VP Business Development – Deerwood Technologies

If you’re like me, you’ve read those articles and wondered, “Is that really an option?” Aside from switching occupations to swinging an axe, your best bet might be a standup desk. Right now, such desks are a tiny niche market but thanks to many recent articles it is growing.

The phenomenon of standup desks may still be small, but proponents are vocal. Donald Rumsfeld is said to be a fan, as is my favorite Kare11 anchorwoman. I know of a creative director for an ad agency who got a standup desk several years ago because he heard Ernest Hemingway used one.

Now, I don’t have a bad back (yet) and am not overly worried that sitting all day will cause me to have a heart attack. But I feel like I get more done when I am standing up. When you’re sitting, you’re naturally unassertive, you’re receiving, when you’re standing, you’re ready to do something, ready to take action.

These solutions don’t always come cheaply however. An electronic adjustable desk like the ones we sell to radiologists will run several thousand dollars but if that’s out of your reach at the moment there are countless more affordable options in the few hundred dollar range. If that still isn’t an option at least start taking more breaks and walk around a bit, do some stretching. This type of advice may be hard to take, especially from a bunch of security and server techies but as any stand-up desk evangelist will attest, it’s better to look weird at work than to have bad knees, carpal tunnel and an ever expanding waistline.