Tech Talk

with Amanda MacDonald – Deerwood Technologies

Collaboration solutions are tools for communication that enable workers to share knowledge, processes, ideas and information among each other and with customers and vendors effectively and efficiently. Collaboration tools have become commonplace amongst Deerwood’s customer base because of the synergies realized by joining efforts through seamless communication. The end results are a convergence of communications and applications through the integration of process and products that facilitate the use of multiple enterprise communication methods, including software, equipment and services.

While tools such as telephony and email are very commonplace within many organizations, most have been slow to onboard the full suite of collaborative tools available because of the ability to define the ROI behind collaboration solutions. Deerwood’s ability to do calculations behind staff productivity and response times are key elements toward this justification, and quantitatively scoping this will help cost justify collaboration solutions.

Improved communication and savings around telecom, meeting and travel costs are among the measureable and tangible returns for building a proof of concept for collaboration solutions.

Getting clients and their end users to start adopting collaboration tools into their daily workflow at first may be no easy task, but once the solutions are utilized the adoption rate is quick as end users start to see how easy they can access information, people, and crucial data.

How Do Deerwood’s Collaboration Solutions Benefit My Business?

Collaboration solutions can enable you to:

  • Eliminate duplicate efforts
  • Enable converged  access to      limited resources—anytime, anywhere
  • Increase workflow efficiency and effectiveness
  • Greatly reduce time of resolution of issues

If you are ready to explore the many ways Deerwood’s communications solutions can enhance your business productivity and efficiency, contact your Deerwood Technologies account rep today!