In today’s economy, flexibility and speed are essential to success. It’s no surprise that more companies are turning to VoIP phone systems to give them the freedom they need to grow and accommodate clients near and far.

To determine which is best for your business, first you must ask yourself if you want basic hosted VoIP or managed VoIP. Like the names sound, basic is a no-frills, DIY approach, while managed comes with all the latest features, including a team of experts to manage your system for you. To make the best choice for your business and budget, you’ll need to consider:

•Is your business growing or scaling back?
•Is your business phone-dependent?
•Does your business have multiple locations?
•Do you need advanced features?
•Do you have the time and resources to manage a phone system?
•Does your phone system need to generate revenue?
•Are your people on-the-go?
•Does your business thrive on the latest technology?
•How will you know if you’ve chosen the right VoIP provider?

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