Tech Talk

with Jason Przymus, VP Business Development – Deerwood Technologies

Workflow technology first made its appearance known in the business world in the 1980’s when computers were all beige and paper was king. It was first incorporated in the insurance industry, where it drastically decreased the documentation involved in claims.  Since then, there have been several industries that have incorporated its services. Healthcare has recently joined the other industries by leading the way in incorporating the benefits of workflow technology; creating a more effective work environment; and increasing efficiencies across multiple practices. And more importantly – accurate and more effective billing and coding processes are realized. As the Government is mandating electronic workflow in healthcare the increases in revenue from proper coding is proving very fruitful for all involved.

Workflow deals with the responsibilities, triggers, and assets related with a defined process or procedure. Then it incorporates the computerization of these processes. Now you are able to manage, synchronize, supervise and report the various actions related with distinct procedures.

Certain procedures do not adapt very well to automation. An aging workforce resistant to technological change, people that love to print and outdated systems are all suspects. However processes that involve parallel steps, or sequential steps in their implementation are able to adjust rapidly to such computerization. These processes are also found to require automation at specific points, communicating the tasks as well as alerting systems.

Feel like you are ready to take a hard look at ways to improve efficiency through examining how technology enhances your workflow? Be ready to face some interesting results and push-back from staff. There is one key ingredient to increasing efficiency through technology, the human interaction. The human effect can be a major hitch in any giddy-up. Implementing technologies such as single sign-on can improve log-in times by multiple-seconds times 300 staff logging in 50-60 times a day. This adds up to some actual dollars. But if you have staff that refuses to accommodate change, you are dead-in-the-water. Positioning, buy-in and training are imperative elements to any efficiency process.

Streamlined workflow processes have been key to the productivity gains found at many of Deerwood’s most forward thinking clients, but there are many other benefits as well. Small things add up too. Like not having to worry about synching up staff smartphones so they have the most up-to-date contacts or schedules, or the function to collaborate on a document and immediately know when changes have been made. If you are ready to start creating a more streamlined approach to delivering results for your customers as well as allowing yourself the ability to refocus the lost time on growing your business, let us show you the way!