8 Simple Email Security Tips for Your Employees

91% of successful data breaches start with a phishing attack. Arm your employees.

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Deerwood Technologies employs a solution-based approach to partnering with commercial business and government agencies at all levels. We assess current technology assets and each client’s business/organizational environment.

Our experienced staff exceeds mission and goal requirements in delivering secure, compliant managed security services, hosted and on-premise IT infrastructure, application services and business planning & consulting.

We provide GUARDIAN Network Support® Managed Security Services to organizations across the upper Midwest and nationally.

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Strengthen Your Passwords and Improve Your Security

If you use the same password for multiple systems –business email, your company’s cloud bookkeeping solution, online shopping etc. – you’re not alone. Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg used that practice. And, in 2016 his LinkedIn credentials were compromised in a...

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Why 2019 was the Worst Year for Cybersecurity

During the first half of 2019, approximately 3,800 data breaches occurred, representing a 54% increase over 2018. Media reports on the most high-profile breaches have instilled a general impression among consumers that is consistent with the facts: in the public’s...

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Why Your Employees Are a Cybersecurity Risk

Companies today collect an enormous range and quantity of personal information from and about their customers. This is a natural consequence of the staggering growth in e-commerce and information-based business services. Even small-town storefronts have more customer...

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5 Warning Signs of a Phishing Email

Rather than raise awareness, headlines like “85% of large companies have been hacked” often leave small and midsize businesses with the false impression that their size and anonymity will protect them from attack. In fact, not only are small and midsize businesses...

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