Businesses these days have a lot on their plates. Many small internal IT departments or single IT staffers are overwhelmed, trying to keep up with their company’s IT demands. With the technical and logistical challenges posed by remote work, securing both systems and staff, many internal IT departments don’t have the time or the resources to handle all of their company’s IT needs. Things may fall through the cracks.

By partnering with a company like ours, you get critical support for your hard-working IT department, without losing the benefit of having on-site, on-staff IT personnel. The best of both worlds.

Advantages of a Co-Managed IT Partnership

There are many managers or business owners who are initially wary of seeking out an independent IT business partner. They value their existing staff but don’t want to hire additional employees. They are not interested in entirely outsourcing their IT, because they require on-staff resources that have a deep understanding of their business processes. Fortunately, the solution of hiring a co-managed IT service is a win-win for you.

Here are 5 big advantages co-managed IT can bring to your business:

1. An evenly distributed workload

Many people come to us because their IT department is overworked. When an IT department is short-staffed or overwhelmed, that’s when things start to fall through the cracks. With more eyes on your IT, nothing gets left behind.

One solution is a co-managed IT partnership, a great collaborative option that can help lighten the load of your existing IT department. This partnership frees up your existing IT staff to focus on day-to-day tasks, while your IT business partner monitors big-picture issues like security with enterprise-level tools and solutions.

2. You leverage years of IT experience

With an experienced MSP on your side, you get the benefit of their knowledge as well as help meeting your IT initiatives. How do we know? Deerwood Technologies has been safeguarding clients for over 20 years. When we work with new teams, they gain valuable insights on managing and maintaining technology and improving their own IT processes as we work together. Our technologists are trained experts in each system and can provide on-the-job training to your existing IT staff.

3. Your IT needs are always covered

With a co-managed IT partnership, you never have to worry about your IT staff taking a sick day. Your provider is always there for 24/7 help and will be actively monitoring all critical systems for technology or security issues.

Your company keeps its existing staff, that can confidently delegate time-consuming tasks like security, network monitoring, and 24/7 support to their IT business partner. The internal and external IT staff work together to fill gaps and ensure long-term security for the company. Even if you’ve got a large staff spread all over Minnesota, you’ll never have to worry about security gaps.

4. It’s an affordable option

To avoid a potential disaster like a phishing attack or falling out of compliance, businesses must figure out how to manage these IT challenges without breaking the bank. Many people who research MSPs are thrilled by the idea of outside help but put off by the cost of an end-to-end outsourced IT offering. Despite their need, many businesses also don’t have the financial freedom to hire permanent additional staff. A co-managed IT partnership offers an affordable alternative that empowers and supports your existing staff.

5. A flexible, customizable solution

Small- and medium-sized businesses love our personalized, customizable co-managed IT solution. If you find that your existing IT staff is overworked, or lacks experience in certain critical areas, opting for a co-managed IT partnership allows you to retain existing staff with irreplaceable knowledge of your business, then support them with external experts.

How We Support Your Business Through Co-Managed IT

Whether you need to support existing IT staff or simply want help running trainings and serving as a mentor in emerging technologies, Deerwood Technologies is always here to help. We’d love to talk to you about lightening your IT load with a collaborative, supportive co-managed IT partnership. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help you advance your business IT initiatives.