Your IT team has to be flexible. They handle functions as diverse as network security, hardware installation and email server setup. In today’s digital era, they’re the people who keep your business up and running 24/7. However, there is a major downside to having a multifunctional IT team: the more roles they take on themselves, the less time and effort they’re able to dedicate to specific IT functions. And, while your IT team might have general experience and skill sets, they’re not equally well suited to every IT role.

Third-party IT support can help you fill in internal IT gaps. But how do you get your in-house IT team onboard? Many IT teams see traditional MSP support as a threat to their jobs. This is where Deerwood Technologies’ co-managed IT service (CoMITS) comes into the picture.

Unlike conventional managed IT, Deerwood Technologies’ CoMITS service is all about empowering your existing IT team through remote and onsite support. We work side by side with your in-house team, integrate different IT functions to eliminate silos, and proactively identify ways to improve your IT process.

Is Co-Managed IT Right For Your Business?

Assess your readiness

Before making the transition to co-managed IT, it’s a good idea to assess your business’ current state of readiness. To do this, you will want to take a look at your existing IT process. If you have a relatively small internal IT team or a single, designated “IT person” handling all IT roles, critical functions won’t get the attention they need. This is especially true when it comes to security.

Cybersecurity: a blind spot for many IT departments

Most internal IT teams will set up a firewall, configure antivirus software and call it a day. Specialist functions like network monitoring and incident response are significant gaps for companies as internal IT teams often lack the necessary expertise to address them. This leaves you vulnerable to a whole range of security threats that could lead to a breach. Security incidents cost small businesses over $30,000 on average and large businesses over $1 million. That is a lot to lose in a breach.

Critical IT functions need specialist attention. Co-managed IT with Deerwood Technologies ensures that roles like cybersecurity are handled by experts with enterprise-grade tools, delivering optimal results and mitigating risk. By dividing and conquering IT duties, your in-house team gets more time to handle core roles and put their best foot forward.

Why You Should Transition to Co-Managed IT

Deerwood Technologies’ co-managed IT service offers you the best of both worlds. You get the benefits and support of a full-fledged, 24/7 managed IT support team without losing your in-house team’s experience and flexibility. This makes co-managed IT an especially attractive proposition to larger firms with their own IT teams. Unlike small businesses where IT is often a single-person role, larger businesses have full-fledged IT departments handling a range of functions. However, unless you’re a Fortune 500, you will have IT and security blind spots. Co-managed IT allows you to address problem areas without a costly, disruptive revamp of your entire IT department.

Deerwood Technologies’ managed IT support team will work right alongside your in-house team, onsite or remote. Your team also gets access to Deerwood Technologies’ enterprise-grade tools, solutions and best-in-class IT processes. Co-managed IT enhances your existing IT team. With CoMITS support, your own team can meet all your IT needs at a fraction of the cost of an end-to-end MSP offering, and with minimal disruption.

We’d love to talk to you about bringing your in-house IT team to the next level with Deerwood Technologies’ co-managed IT service. Reach out to us today.