GUARDIAN Managed IT Security

Every Business Needs Cybersecurity and Compliance

Many small businesses underestimate their network security needs. Whether from inside the organization or outside, evidence proves that small businesses are continuously at risk. This is mostly because hackers perceive them to be simple targets with minimal defenses, and employees may seek easy opportunities to take that which doesn’t belong to them.

Once targeted, the costs of breaches are staggering. Small business victims of cybercrime lose money, time, reputation and even face compliance reparations and criminal penalties from breaches. Some businesses don’t recover the costs and are forced to close their doors permanently.

GUARDIAN Managed Security as a Service: Your Complete Cybersecurity Umbrella

Navigating the current cyberthreat landscape and accessing IT security can seem challenging. For a lot of small businesses, the expense of employing IT security experts is unrealistic, and they may lack the internal resources to procure tools to fully protect their organization.

With Deerwood Technologies’ GUARDIAN Managed Security Services, our clients get enterprise-grade business protection at an SMB price. When you take a proactive approach to cybersecurity, you decrease the likelihood of your organization being successfully targeted by hackers.

GUARDIAN Managed Security as a Service Includes:

  • GUARDIAN Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • GUARDIAN Managed Firewall
  • GUARDIAN End-Point Security
  • GUARDIAN Managed Server and Desktop
  • GUARDIAN Managed Backup with Active Ransomware Protection & Restore Testing
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Why Businesses Choose GUARDIAN Managed Security Services

employee opening a malicious email attachmentCyberattacks are not an if scenario, but rather a when. It’s important to have a layered defense system like the one provided by our GUARDIAN security solutions. Clients with GUARDIAN Managed Security have these benefits:

  1. Lower risk from IT threats, protecting both company and client data
  2. Brand and reputation are safeguarded from the adverse impacts of data compromise
  3. External and internal threats are proactively mitigated
  4. Quick recovery after a security incident, minimizing business impact and lost productivity
  5. Reduced cost and hassle of meeting regulatory requirements for IT security
  6. Avoidance of liability and financial penalties that can result from a data breach

Every GUARDIAN Managed Security client has access to:

  • A dedicated management team
  • A strategic security roadmap
  • Security governance framework, policy and procedures
  • Extensive IT security posture reporting
  • Routine recurring security assessments and reviews
  • Employee security awareness training
  • Security threat and vulnerability management
  • Network incident response planning, training and management
  • Compliance assessments

GUARDIAN Managed Security for Compliance

Businesses in the financial, healthcare, insurance, retail and other compliance-driven industries find solace in GUARDIAN Managed Security Services. They are built with you in mind.

 We understand compliance requirements and the rigorous scrutiny your systems face. GUARDIAN Managed Security helps you check off the boxes, pass audits and inspections, and never find yourself in the awkward situation of explaining how secured data was breached. Our technology ensures compliance is as easy as possible for you.

Trusted Local Security Leader

We’re based in Deerwood, MN, and proud to serve clients throughout the region. We work with organizations across the upper Midwest, in the Mpls/St. Paul metro area, outstate Minnesota and right here at home in Brainerd, Aitkin and the Cuyuna Lakes region. Our clients rely on our team of multi-disciplined IT security experts for protection from the latest threats. Our IT threat management systems and robust processes have been tested and proven. We’re ready to act quickly and diligently in an emergency, getting you back online as safely and quickly as possible.

How it Works

  1. You get a free consultation to find out what your needs are
  2. We determine what security solutions you actually need
  3. You become a GUARDIAN Managed Security client

Your security and compliance needs a trusted expert your business can afford.

That’s GUARDIAN Managed Security. Call us at 218-534-5357 or contact us online.