In light of the ongoing pandemic, many companies have been forced to shift the way they do business. With offices closed for the foreseeable future, most companies wanting to stay in business have turned to remote work.

Unless your business had a remote workforce already, this has probably been a huge adjustment. We’ve all heard the funny stories about children interrupting conference calls or the boss who accidentally turned herself into a potato on a video call and couldn’t figure out how to turn it off.

Despite the levity of these situations, the reality is that transitioning to remote work is difficult. Even under the best circumstances, it requires a lot of planning and effort. If you and your team weren’t working remotely before, it’s also likely there are some gaps in your cybersecurity that are putting you at risk. This is where managed security services can help.

Going Remote Has Opened Gaps in Your Cybersecurity

Many businesses underestimate their need for cybersecurity. They either assume their business is too insignificant to attract attention from cybercriminals or put all their faith in security measures that don’t offer comprehensive protection from today’s threats.

When workers go remote, these threats can be exacerbated. Since most people didn’t plan to be operating a remote business during a pandemic, they focus on the challenges that are right in front of them like setting up digital access to files and virtual meetings. Unfortunately, important considerations like network security can be forgotten. Businesses that want to protect client data and employee security along with their bottom line need to be actively closing dangerous gaps in their IT security services.

Managing your cybersecurity while remote is a necessity. As the current climate has shown us, it’s difficult to run a company if you’re not proactive, agile and strategic. Cybersecurity and other forms of IT security are so important if you want to protect your company from data loss.

How to Secure Your Work-From-Home Team

The easiest way to ensure that cybersecurity gaps are closed during remote work is to partner with a company like Deerwood Technologies that offers managed security services. We provide enterprise-grade business protection at small-business prices. Our multidisciplined security engineers, tools and processes reduce and mitigate your security risks.

Deerwood Technologies’ GUARDIAN Managed IT Security service is a great benefit for businesses looking for a complete security solution. Starting with a vulnerability assessment, each plan is tailored to your needs and offers staff security awareness training and proactive monitoring and analysis. Instead of having to identify gaps and handle them on your own, you’ll get the benefit of a partner who does that work for you. This leaves you the opportunity to focus on running your business.

Here are 3 things you need to know about securing your team at home:

Strong Passwords = Higher Security

It’s a well-known fact that strong passwords are a basic essential for your company’s security, but it only takes one person using password123 to open the door to hackers. Instead of forcing your employees to remember complex passwords on their own, Deerwood Technologies offers encrypted password management tools as part of our IT security services.

This means staff can log in using 2-factor authentication and have immediate access to all their usernames and strong passwords – no memorization or spreadsheets required! This maintains compliance, as well as security, for both employees and clients.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

During these fast-moving, quickly changing times, many businesses may find themselves out of regulatory compliance with data protection laws or other regulations because they are working remotely on unsecured devices. Access control is extremely important, especially when working from home. A password manager, as well as strict access policies, are simple ways we can maintain your compliance.

Security Awareness Training

Proper training on cybersecurity awareness and access policies can also reduce phishing threats and improve compliance. Email vigilance and preparation for a possible cyberattack arm a company with the necessary skills to fight cybercrime. The more managers know about regulations for sensitive data, the more intuitive remaining compliant will become.

We’d love to talk to more about the challenges you’re facing while your team is working remotely. Reach out to us today, and we can schedule a time to chat on the phone. Don’t face your cybersecurity issues alone. Deerwood Technologies can help.